The Space to Write

For large chunks of my childhood and young adulthood, I kept a journal at my bedside.  My writings were always done in pencil, not so much to correct mistakes, although that happened, on occasion, but more because I was certain these writings would become valuable to my descendants, therefore needed protection from water damage.  Silly me.... Continue Reading →

A story in an image

Summertime in the South is synonymous with swimming. As a youth, I spent a lot of time in the water. My grandparents took my sisters and me, frequently, to the beach. My parents took us frequently to the community pool. My father was even a high school swim coach. Yet, I never felt comfortable swimming.... Continue Reading →


This past weekend was my 30th high school class reunion.  It wasn't actually the school from which I graduated but the school I attended for 8 years, through the 10th grade. The 10-12 classmates in attendance, plus  a few spouses, represented 25% of the class. Many others live in town, but for whatever reason, stayed... Continue Reading →

Things I’ve learned in my 48th Summer

As my father rapidly approaches his 70th birthday, his return to his "roots" has left the rest of the family rolling our eyes.  The fraction of his genetic code that came from Louisiana means that he must now greet all strangers in French.  The portion that can be traced back to the Native Americans means... Continue Reading →

Everyday Inspiration: Day 1 -Why write?

I write, or type, because it is therapeutic.  Both writing and typing are as relaxing to me as knitting is to others.  Since childhood, I've used writing as a way to release my frustrations, clarify my thoughts, and identify solutions to problems.  Writing is similar to  having a conversation with oneself, but without appearing mentally ill... Continue Reading →

Solitude and Landscape

 Walking is not only great exercise but wonderful for personal time to meditate and relax, while soaking in the fresh air and sunshine.        

Leading Lines and the Natural World

The thing I love most about this photography course is how I've learned to see the world with an entirely different set of eyes. Take this photo for example. I walk by these two homes, every single day and have never noticed the fact that these trees are angled away from the houses and towards... Continue Reading →

The dreaded scale

Nope! Not that one! Today, it's about your perception of scale, in relation to size. When I first read the assignment, my instinct was that this would be a really difficult assignment. I had no confidence in my ability to make those observations. Thinking back to all the fingers touching the moon, the Eiffel Tower... Continue Reading →

Architecture and Monochrome

I've been attending this church since I moved to Houston. I've loved how the architectural elements draw you closer and invite you inside with the flap pulled aside. It was only after I viewed the photos in black and white that I noticed the cross under the bell tower.  I had never noticed it in... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award

Special thank you to Canadian Doll Notebook for recommending me for the  In acceptance of this nomination, I've supplied the answers to their questions: 1.    Why did you start your blog? Being prematurely thrust into the "change of life" brought all the questions that one usually experiences in mid-life.  What is my purpose in life? ...   I... Continue Reading →

Light with a Pop of Color

So interesting to analyze the way light affects our perceptions. Consider this swing.  In the direct sunlight, it looks like a bright spot of happiness, enticing you to come sit, swing and bask in the warmth of the rising sun.     From the back side of the swing, the mood is very different. The swing... Continue Reading →


Once, in my childhood, while at a restaurant with my family, a quote on the back of one of those little sugar packets, read "Experience is recognizing a mistake when you make it, again". I must have known, even at that age, that I was predisposed for making big mistakes, because I never forgot that... Continue Reading →


It was another one of those Twilight Zone moments.  They seem to increase, exponentially, with each passing year.  I opened the front door of my house and saw something, sort of familiar on the sidewalk. (Thinking to myself) What is that? (Getting closer) That looks like the carabiner from my key chain. Wow, that's exactly... Continue Reading →


It took me all day to settle on the best photo for Bliss.  When I walked into this bar to support an old friend, I knew this was it. Over 20 years ago, this friend of mine, and a group of his buddies, formed a band.  They are still playing gigs and enjoying every minute... Continue Reading →


We are under a flash flood watch. Water seems the perfect topic for today.  Walking my dog, in the rain, has never been a favorite task.  There is something about rainwater that makes him take a lick from every puddle. On occasion, I've seen him lick the wet sidewalk as we walk, his tongue completely... Continue Reading →


"I have often walked down this street before, but the pavement's always stayed beneath my feet before..." I love that song from My Fair Lady. It's a romantic ballad that puts a smile on my face, each time I hear it.  Although it's a different kind of love, altogether, I love my street.  It is... Continue Reading →


This park is a small oasis in the hustle and bustle of the 4th largest city in the country.  On any given nice weather day, you will find families picnicking, musicians strumming, yoga enthusiasts posing, dogs chasing frisbees, and so on. I feel at home here. It's simple and private, with large, expansive oak trees... Continue Reading →

5 Psychological Blocks that Stop Bloggers (and Writers) Going from Good to Great @OlgaNM7

I completely agree.  Although I love to write, find it therapeutic and an excellent way of discerning the thoughts that abound in my head, I find that actually publishing my thoughts is intimidating.  Additionally, I have done very little to publicize the fact that I've entered the blogging realm.  The book I'm reading currently, "The... Continue Reading →

Accepting Constructive Criticism Cheerfully

A recent post by psychologistmimi caught my attention.  People don't like criticism.  This is unfortunate for people like me who love to give it.  Yes, I realize this is a character flaw, but one in which I justify by pounding myself harder than any other.  As an employer, I heard numerous excuses: I don't usually do that.  I'm... Continue Reading →

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