Write it down!

Bloganuary Day #8 What I like most about my writing is the ability to preserve a memory while it's still fresh in my mind. My family has occasionally joked about my ability to remember things "from the womb." Of course I can't but I associate my long-term memory with the fact that I have always... Continue Reading →

Make Time to Laugh

I wanted to share this post from Smorgasbord because it seems there hasn't been a lot to laugh about over the past two years. This post is a big reminder to me that I need to make an effort to laugh. Many years ago, I remember listening to a presentation by Zig Ziglar. He told... Continue Reading →

Snap, Crackle, Pop means ouch, ouch, ouch!

Each morning, I lie with my eyes closed, imagining the time of day.  Gently, I open my eyes to the strategically-projected time, on the ceiling.  Occasionally, I'm surprised at the early morning hour and drift back to sleep.  Yet, most of the time, my gradual awakening is the early morning reprieve to the brash, alarm... Continue Reading →

Finding Time to Write

  I was drawn to the writer at New Mercies For Me  because we both have difficulty finding time to write.  A challenge from The Daily Post prompted us to collaborate on a post.  In tackling the issue of how to find time to write, we each came to the conclusion that for our individual schedules, scheduling a... Continue Reading →

A story in an image

Summertime in the South is synonymous with swimming. As a youth, I spent a lot of time in the water. My grandparents took my sisters and me, frequently, to the beach. My parents took us frequently to the community pool. My father was even a high school swim coach. Yet, I never felt comfortable swimming.... Continue Reading →

The dreaded scale

Nope! Not that one! Today, it's about your perception of scale, in relation to size. When I first read the assignment, my instinct was that this would be a really difficult assignment. I had no confidence in my ability to make those observations. Thinking back to all the fingers touching the moon, the Eiffel Tower... Continue Reading →


Once, in my childhood, while at a restaurant with my family, a quote on the back of one of those little sugar packets, read "Experience is recognizing a mistake when you make it, again". I must have known, even at that age, that I was predisposed for making big mistakes, because I never forgot that... Continue Reading →

5 Psychological Blocks that Stop Bloggers (and Writers) Going from Good to Great @OlgaNM7

I completely agree.  Although I love to write, find it therapeutic and an excellent way of discerning the thoughts that abound in my head, I find that actually publishing my thoughts is intimidating.  Additionally, I have done very little to publicize the fact that I've entered the blogging realm.  The book I'm reading currently, "The... Continue Reading →

Excuses! Excuses! I’m full of ’em.

Somewhere along the way, I quit being self-motivated.  Or have I?  A long drive today was the perfect time to enjoy my latest audio book.  It didn't take me long to realize it was the third book in the series instead of the second, which I wanted.  Ugh!  What else is already loaded on my iPad?... Continue Reading →

Finding a New Dream

It happened when I was in my early 20s; one of those rare, personal conversations with my father. I can still picture driving through the countryside, windows down, the smell of freshly plowed dirt on my mind more than the words coming from his mouth. He was known for his lectures. My sisters and I... Continue Reading →

Changes, Changes, Changes!

Yesterday was my last day of employment since I was a teenager. Having worked in the same field for the last 26 years or so, making a change in my profession is going to be one of my goals for this new, second life of mine. Determined to stay in bed as long as possible... Continue Reading →

When your friends start dying

It happened several years ago. I noticed that for a couple of years in a row, I was attending at least three funerals a year. In the course of a conversation with an older friend of mine, he commented, "just wait 'til your my age. We've been to a funeral every weekend for the past... Continue Reading →

Finding your life’s passion

One of my friends asked me this question, "What is your passion"? I have lots of passions. How is it possible to choose just one? She then told me about an exercise she had done. "Name your three favorite movies off the top of your head," she said. Although I can't remember exactly what they... Continue Reading →

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