Aiming for 20/20

My profession as an optometrist is to help people see focused images.  Although my own tendency is to meet each new project with an overly ambitious optimism, it is time I started to put some of the same techniques used in my profession, to use in my daily activities.

The term 20/20 is simply an average.  It means that you see at 20 feet what the average person sees at 20 feet.  Some people see a little better, some a little worse, but the goal is to be right there in the middle.  People blog for many  reasons.  Until now, my reason for blogging wasn’t entirely clear to me, nor I’m sure, to anyone else.  Lacking focus makes it much more difficult to communicate with any given audience because your purpose is not clearly defined.

After spending some time putting my vision and goals, for my blog, to paper, I have compiled a list of 3 small goals, which meet the criteria of being SMART (specific, measurable, accurate, realistic and timely).  I’m counting on my Blogging 201 buddies to keep me accountable.  It has taken quite an effort to limit myself to these

My vision for “Living Over The Hill”

To provide a forum for myself, and others in midlife or beyond, who are equally determined to celebrate life by aging with grace, style, and purpose.

My goals for Nov 2014-Jan 2015:

1. Publish 2 times per week

2. Spend 1 hour each week visiting follower’s blogs and commenting on their work

3. Gain 20% more followers

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