The Space to Write

For large chunks of my childhood and young adulthood, I kept a journal at my bedside.  My writings were always done in pencil, not so much to correct mistakes, although that happened, on occasion, but more because I was certain these writings would become valuable to my descendants, therefore needed protection from water damage.  Silly me.... Continue Reading →

A story in an image

Summertime in the South is synonymous with swimming. As a youth, I spent a lot of time in the water. My grandparents took my sisters and me, frequently, to the beach. My parents took us frequently to the community pool. My father was even a high school swim coach. Yet, I never felt comfortable swimming.... Continue Reading →

Everyday Inspiration: Day 1 -Why write?

I write, or type, because it is therapeutic.  Both writing and typing are as relaxing to me as knitting is to others.  Since childhood, I've used writing as a way to release my frustrations, clarify my thoughts, and identify solutions to problems.  Writing is similar to  having a conversation with oneself, but without appearing mentally ill... Continue Reading →

Accepting Constructive Criticism Cheerfully

A recent post by psychologistmimi caught my attention.  People don't like criticism.  This is unfortunate for people like me who love to give it.  Yes, I realize this is a character flaw, but one in which I justify by pounding myself harder than any other.  As an employer, I heard numerous excuses: I don't usually do that.  I'm... Continue Reading →

Photo 101 – Triumph

Bicycles scare me.  Because cycling is one of the approved sports for my joint issues, I've taken on this challenge.  Initially, my biggest fears were riding over bridges, being bitten by a dog and traveling alongside traffic.  I experienced each of those on one of my first rides. In college, I chose to walk/jog across... Continue Reading →

Photo 101 – Treasure

Assignment - Show us an image that represents a treasure to you. I treasure the gift of music. The piano was my first instrument at 10 years old , followed very shortly by the flute. Although my piano skills suffer severely when I go long periods without practice, I can pick up the flute, at... Continue Reading →

The Crazy Life of a Champion

The thrill of victory.  The agony of defeat.  These are the events that make up our youth.  As a child, my sisters and I glued our little bottoms to our chairs for each Olympics and watched every single cover story.  The athletes worked day and night to achieve their goals, many having to overcome huge obstacles... Continue Reading →

10 years before my time

This week's writing challenge is the perfect time for me to discuss an issue with which I have dealt for the past 10 years. It cost $350 in air-conditioner, service calls to discover that those periodic waves of extreme heat were in fact, emanating from inside my body.  A normal person of this technological age would have... Continue Reading →

The Art of Invisibility

Perhaps this is a common talent of the introvert? Last night, I approached a woman with whom I've had many encounters over the years and she clearly had no recollection of me. The same night, another woman with whom I've exchanged multiple emails, and to whom I've personally conversed and handed my personal calling card,... Continue Reading →

What I didn’t say about me

In my About Me page, you learned who I expected might be interested in reading my blog. What I didn't say, was that the reason I considered blogging in the first place was because I wanted to become a better writer.  English was always my most difficult subject. Having placed out of English for college,... Continue Reading →

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