Things I’ve learned in my 48th Summer

As my father rapidly approaches his 70th birthday, his return to his “roots” has left the rest of the family rolling our eyes.  The fraction of his genetic code that came from Louisiana means that he must now greet all strangers in French.  The portion that can be traced back to the Native Americans means that he must now refer to his age in terms of summers.  According to him, this would be my 48th summer, since I will turn 48 in September. After the Autumnal Equinox, it will be my 49th summer.  Thus brings me to my current thoughts.  Things I’ve learned in my forties through my 49th summer:

1. Some battles are not worth having

2. Spend time with your elders, they won’t be around forever

3. It’s never too late to learn

4. Exercise more than you think necessary.

5. Brain Fog is a “thing”

6. Eat smarter.  That’s helps with the brain fog.

7. Invest in wicking clothes and sheets

8. This is the best decade for practicality and common sense.

9. Makeup is not required to feel good about yourself

10. Creaky joints are the new normal. Get used to it.


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